Sunday, January 17, 2010

Randy's Donuts - Los Angeles (Inglewood)

Randy's Donuts (locally known as the "Big O") is a classic example of programmatic architecture that had its heyday between the mid-1920’s and the mid-1930’s. Randy’s is located Inglewood, California near Los Angeles International Airport.

Randy's was built in 1953 as the second location of the now-defunct Big Donut Drive-In chain by Russell C. Wendell, a donut machine salesman. The product is represented by a 32-foot doughnut on the roof of an otherwise ordinary drive-in. The building was designed by Henry J. Goodwin.

Recently, Randy’s Donuts was featured in a local Los Angeles television show called “Cheap Eats.”

For those interested in visiting Randy’s Donuts, you can check it out on the web or visit them in person at 805 West Manchester Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90301. Phone number is (310) 645-4707.

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